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We are excited to be the designated non-profit to pick up unsold items at the 30th Annual Tree Streets Yard Sale. Many thanks Doug Buda! I hope you all have successful sales. I am coordinating volunteers to start sweeping the neighborhood around 4pm on Saturday Sept. 7th. We have just a few simple requests to help us be efficient as possible: 1. Have your items securely bagged or boxed- so we can grab and go! Of course, furniture and home décor items don't apply. 2. Put a visible sign "Manna House" on your donation so we know it is for us, we don't want to pick up trash by mistake. That's all, and tax deductible donation slips are available upon request- just call the store- 423-722-3233 or email me at Thank you in advanced for making an impact- we hope to increase our inventory, but more important, we want to continue evolving how we serve our community! Dwight

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