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2023 Tree Streets Yard Sale

The Tree Streets Yard Sale.


The 35 block sale area is bounded by University Parkway, West Walnut and South Roan Streets.


Seller Registration:

The suggested donation is, preregister $15 for each seller at an address, $20 day of sale. A valid South Side Neighborhood address is the one requirement. An owner or renter can register the address for themselves or for a friend. Please remember that more than one seller means more than one $15 donation (or $20). 

A newsletter with all the yard sale information and registration form will be delivered to all residents. If you have any questions please contact the yard sale committee at this  e-mail address:

$15 - SNO Membership for 1-year

$15 - Suggested Donation for Yard Sale

(Please note your address location for the Yard Sale.)

Early Registration:

 Powell Square Park, Wednesday 8/23, 6-8 p.m.

Veterans Park, Thursday, 8/24, 6-8 p.m.

Registration Form: 2023 FORM

Tree Streets Yard Sale 2023 Form

General Advice For a Safer Tree Streets Yard Sale experience: 

1. Assume that people that you interact with and do not know are unvaccinated. To avoid potential transmission of COVID-19 consider wearing a mask when interacting with people at your yard sale tables. While distances can be maintained easily while acting as a seller, it will be harder to do so when walking the neighborhood and shopping. Regardless of your vaccination status, please consider wearing a mask when shopping the yard sale.

2. Place your tables in such a way that encourages buyers to stay on the sidewalk and keep a table width of distance between yourself and buyers. For extra protection and distancing you could consider placing two tables width-side together if you can still comfortably exchange items and payment. Two standard folding table widths will give you approximately 5 feet between you and buyers.

3. Sanitize your hands after handling money. Place your money in a box or envelope so you are limiting the number of times you handle your cash. Now is an excellent time to set up a Venmo or Paypal account and take personal payments electronically.
4. If you have unvaccinated children, consider limiting their exposure to people you do not know the vaccination status of during the yard sale. If you would like to shop with your children, consider having them wear a facemask.
5. Sanitizing the items that you buy and sell in the yard sale is most likely not necessary. Sanitizing your hands at regular intervals is also a better method of prevention than wearing rubber gloves as you handle items.

Public Restrooms:

Portable toilets will be located in Veterans Park beside South Side School.

Powell Square Park also has public toilets.



If you are hungry and need to take a break from the shopping, please visit the restaurants on West Walnut Street.


Public Safety:

Please obey all traffic signs. The police will issue tickets if the streets/driveways are blocked or if you park on the wrong side of the street. Check for parking on Southwest Avenue between Boyd Street & University Parkway.

Detailed Map: (click to link): ;


Registration Forms and donation information will be in the August newsletter.

Please put empty trash cans out close to the street early Saturday.

Sponsored by your friends in the Southside Neighborhood Organization.


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