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You know I just had to chuckle when I saw the post upon visiting the Tree Streets website the other day. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought some children were having an argument on here. I don’t know Mr. Green personally or any of the other parties involved or what started it. But I do know that everything he stated about the fees is correct and I have known for years. The actions of removing his post proved to me things I have also suspected that was going on in this organization. In the first place, it’s no longer a yard/rummage sale. It has been turned into a circus.  I have lived here since 1993 and saw almost every one of the sales.  I even participated and donated my fee a couple of times. I was also a “member” in fee only for a year. One thing I noticed right away was that my street was being left off year after year of many of the perks that were coming from the proceeds of the sale. I don’t really care if we have doggie pots or not to tell you the truth, but when someone comes around with a clipboard demanding money( from a neighbor of mine) like the gestapo then you should be fair to all the people who live here. Instead of concentrating on who don’t pay, maybe you should be more concerned about those who live in the main sale area who are renting out their property to professional dealers and food vendors on the side which ends up hurting the ones with legitimate yard sales.  I thought the main purpose of the yard sale was to rally the community and promote goodwill towards our neighbors. I wasn’t aware that it was supposed to be a cash cow.  Frankly, I’m personally sick of the garage sale. The streets are flooded with people and traffic, I have to watch my property like a hawk and one year somebody even stole my trash can.  Maybe you all need to reevaluate what you really stand for and step up and be for the community or stop acting like you represent the whole neighborhood. I for one, as a 20 year homeowner in this community don’t like the idea that an organization that uses tactics like this is representing me.  Remove this post if you like but it won’t change anything, because a lot of my fellow neighbors share the same opinion.

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I have lived here 17 years, and I agree completely.  When we first moved in, it seemed like a really fun neighborhood event--little kids had lemonade stands, and some neighbors grilled food to sell.  Now, I feel like a prisoner in my own home--we can't get out of our alley-entrance-only driveway, huge business concerns are all over, and everyone starts selling on Thursday and Friday, which triples the pain.  If nothing else, people who sell before Saturday should get a ticket--I assume the permit covers Saturday only.  Last year an ice cream truck set up outside my home at 6:30 a.m. and started playing "Turkey in the Straw" at full volume for 5 hours until I finally flagged down a bicycle cop to make him turn the music off.  Can't wait for this to be over.

It's already started. On our home we could barely get through on Locust Street because three cars were parked on the wrong side of the road looking at a sale. That ice cream man is lucky he didn't park in front of my house, I would have let him have it. Don't quote me but I think all garage/yard sale permits are for 3 or 4 days. It's been a long time since I went and got one. I  donate everything now,rather than to waste my time with it.

All I can say is, once you hear "Turkey in the Straw" at high volume for 5 hours, you will never want ice cream again.  :)

Okay, I'll admit it, this year wasn't as bad as I had expected.  I un-grumped myself, sold a few items of clothing, and bought a sump pump and some plants.  I am interested in finding out why it isn't just held on Saturday, though.  I have told many people who ask me about it that it's no longer just on Saturday, and they are very disappointed--they feel like they are getting the leftovers, and it isn't advertised as starting on Thursday or Friday.  I hope to make it to the meeting to find out ideas on this.

I got to watch two of my neighbors get into a heated argument over a customer loading furniture that was blocking their driveway by a mere foot. :-(


I don't like the "forced" payment.  And when I paid on Friday, I was still charged $15 when the brochure stated if they had to hunt you down on the day of the sale (Saturday) it would be $15???

And having to pay twice if you allow a friend or relative to share your yard?  This is not acceptable.

I usually have my driveway blocked.  And a couple of times folks have come back and stolen's like the sale is a "preview" for thieves.  I understand a lot of the community enjoy it and look forward to it and I think that is good...but some rules need to change and the fees should be optional and the ad should definitely say three days...I understand the buyers feeling like they are getting "left overs" by following the rules. 

As already been stated on another forum,  a fee cannot be legally charged for any garage or yard sale in Johnson City. The city does not charge a fee for these permits nor do they authorize anyone to charge a fee. The only legal way SNO can charge a fee is by asking for a donation so that your sale can listed on their map. That's what you are paying for, period. If you want to be listed on the map you pay, if you don't care about being on the map then you don't have to give them a cent. And yes, there are some charities benefitting from the sale of which I have no problems with what so ever nor any of the individuals who are having their own personal sales. The thing I have a problem with is when someone forces or coerces you by means of deception to donate or participate in something that is supposed to be voluntary.   

And I know there are those who have told out right lies or have been misinformed about the fees when they went out to collect them. You should never do anything wrong with the excuse something good will come out of it either. The way SNO went about it put a very bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing. You know the old saying " The road to hell is paved with good intentions"




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