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Can anyone recommend a reliable person that cleans house gutters. Ours are just too high off the ground to do ourselves and we have them on every side of the house.

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We have the same problem.  We are getting some branches cut off a huge tree in the back yard and they are going to use a  bucket truck to reach them.  I'm going to ask them if they clean some gutters for me. I hope they will.  If only I could fly...


Try one of these contractors, they specialize in Pressure Washing but have the tools: tall ladders, compressors, etc, to probably clean out gutters also.

Ken's Pressure Wash: 946-6088

James Myers (AAA Steam Cleaning/Pressure Wash): 423-552-0197

Thanks Doug. I will try one of them. We have been really lax about keeping them cleaned and now we are paying the price of water spilling over into landscaping and small trees growing in them, NOT GOOD! It's something I need to stay on top of.


Did you find someone to clean the gutters? 

I am in need of an estimate.

Lisa, I went with Ken's Pressure Wash: 946-6088. Doug Buda recommended him and our house has gutters on all 4 sides plus porch and garage and he charged 200, which I thought was very reasonable. I will use him again.

Thanks Lisa and Doug !

Kens pressure washing did an amazing job of cleaning and washing the gutters. They look brand new . highly recommend them !




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