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When the baby tornado passed thru the tree streets, the top of a tree blocked my driveway and was leaning on the shrubbery.  The kind gentlemen of the Lamda Chi fraternity quickly rushed to my aid, and removed the tree and limbs and piled them for pick up.  I'm very grateful and would have been in big trouble if they had not done this.  I just want to say thank you and show my great appreciation.  I understand they helped several others.

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I was so tickled to see the new greeks in the neighborhood jump in and help their neighbors. If only the other houses would jump on board like these young men did. I spoke with them personally and several members are local young men who have a vested interest in the hood and not just a temporary 4 year party spot. 

I must admit at first I was reluctant when I heard they were taking over frrom the previous chapter but so far so good, lets hope for continued success with the Lambda Chi's.




There are many times the Fraternities in the neighborhood do things to benefit others and do not seek or gain recognition.  In February the Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon held their annual Affair of the Heart Fund Raiser and collected $1700.00 that was donated to the local American Heart Association.  They are currently concentrating on their Balanced Man Scholarship program that will award a $1000 and a $500 scholarship to two incoming Freshmen at a banquet in August. Recipients of these scholarships are not obligated to join the Fraternity and can be men or women.  For the last five years Sigma Phi Epsilon has been the only Greek organization to award a scholarship at ETSU.

I own a house on West Maple that is directly behind the PIKE house and there have been numerous times these men have helped me carry or unload things or borrow ladders, tools, etc.  I believe having Fraternity men in the neighborhood can be a positive situation and encourage  neighbors that live near a Chapter House to make the effort to meet the individuals that live there.  You might enrich their lives and they just might enrich yours.

You are welcome to tell your story, but I just know about mine.  I've been on the tree streets for nearly 40 years, and the Lambda Chi's were the first organization to offer me immediate assistance.  I hope all the others follow their example.
Lambda Chi Alpha is also very active in our local American Cancer Society. These young men are volunteering by driving patients that are too ill to drive themselves to and from their cancer treatments!




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