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We are looking to refinish the Heartwood Pine floors on the second floor. I have contacted Troy Upchurch for a quote, but would like to know if there are any other recommendations. Upchurch is listed in the Neighborhood Listing so if someone has used him, I would appreciate knowing how he did.

Hal Hunter

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Hi Hal. I know this is SUPER late, but did you ever get your floors refinished?



Sarah, Thanks for the response. We were able to get them done last summer, We spoke with Upchurch and he gave us a quote that was doable. Howwever, it was constant phone tag from then on and he would never give a firm start date. 

We used Ricky Brown, Browns Hardwood who was a reference from Guy Sams, Hardwood Flooring. Did a great job, on time, clean and courteous. Even was able to replace some of the Heart Pine where repairs were made, but did not match.


Sarah and Hal,

Please provide Ricky Brown's phone number and I'll list him in the NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES section.


Brown's Hardwood Flooring

423 943 8200

Thanks, Doug!

SO good to hear. I've use Ricky on two separate jobs now and they turned out beautifully. Sorry to hear you had such trouble. 

I was wondering about your experience with the heart pine. Mine are TERRIBLE. They have gouges and giant pieces will pull up if I'm not careful. Did yours turn out okay?




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