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Ho Ho Ho!
Would your child(ren) like a Christmas Eve visit from Santa? He'll make his rounds through the Tree Streets between 7-9 p.m. again this year.
Like last year his visit will be a little different. He will still come to your house but he'll stay six feet or more, socially distanced away and he won't have any direct contact with any children or adults. He'll ring the doorbell and go stand off the porch/sidewalk to say hi to the kiddies from a distance and then be on his merry way. He'll leave a small gift bag on the porch with a wrapped candy cane and note for the child(ren). If you have a certain gift or candy you'd like to give your little ones, please let Santa know in advance and leave it on the porch before he arrives.
If you'd like a visit, please reply to this email address: Include your address, children(s) names and ages, and any special message you'd like Santa to tell them.
And if you know any other families in the neighborhood that would like a visit, please pass along the information.
NOTE: Due to Santa's large suit, he's unable to drive around town to visit other neighborhoods. His Christmas Eve visit is just in the Tree Streets.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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