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The Medicine of Storytelling ~ Sharing our stories, grief, and homecomings

Join us as we slow down long enough for something ancient to catch up to us and perhaps bless us with some old knowing. In these fast paced, manic times it is all too easy to slip into a rhythm that is not our own and lose touch with Soul.
The Soul and Grief walk hand in hand and we will be exploring this connection mostly through the medicine of story and old ideas.
We will be gathering with the intention to listen deeply, welcome all emotions, co-create a healed space and share our story. A story will be told by Jon who is a carrier of medicine stories. Jon uses the tools of a story and drum to help listeners better understand their own current personal stories. The old folk tales might appear simple, lowly and easily understood on the surface, yet they provide powerful transformative opportunities for those with the ears to hear and hearts to feel.
Music will be made together as well so please bring an instrument if you have one. Drums and rattles and other percussive instruments are especially welcome.
About the facilitator: Jon Rousseau, MSW/Ritual Healing Practitioner/Storyteller/Diviner
Jon has been facilitating groups for over thirty years in a wide variety of settings. Following his passion has led him into wilderness therapy with at-risk youth, residential treatment with troubled teens, naturalist and expedition programs for camps and schools, guiding vision quests, co-leading men’s gatherings and adult intensive trainings in indigenous spiritual technologies.
In the early and mid 1990’s Jon traveled to the Hopi and Northern Cheyenne reservations in Arizona and Montana, living with traditional-based families and was invited to share in their rich traditions and ceremonies. Jon also worked with Dagara elder Malidoma Some’ of Burkina Faso, West Africa for over a decade including a journey with him to his village in 2018. Jon’s appreciation for the healing power of ritual, both personal and communal, has deepened tremendously as he continues to work with the ancient technology of ritual healing.
Jon weaves the perennial wisdom of older cultures, poetry, storytelling, drumming, song and ceremony into an artful and provoking experience. He remains committed to assisting others on their path of personal healing and the reclamation of their original purpose in this life.
$35 Pre-registration
$40 at door

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