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Every year when the weather begins to warm and I find myself packing the beach bag and heading to the Martindale pool I start thinking why not have our own neighborhood pool. I realize the tree streets were not originally built around such a meeting place but does that mean that we will never have the opportunity to walk to a pool and swim with our own neighbors?
I'm unsure where to get started so I thought maybe a discussion would be a first step so please share your ideas?

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Great idea! Although I believe finding enough interested parties will be a challenge.
Sign me up. I'd love a pool here. Anyone with ideas about how we might look into that?
I bet there are grants for things like that!
I read about a neighborhood starting a fund through their neighborhood organization so when the property became open they could buy it and begin building the pool. (I believe the lots and the pool would then be bought or owned by shares)
A few people have told me that they believe we would have to have at least 3-4 lots to make it happen. I have seen pools in neighborhoods on bigger and on smaller lots.
I think a neighborhood pool would increase home values for the area while providing summer recreation for all parties. With the sidewalks in the area, parking space wouldn't be needed so the lot size for the pool wouldn't have to be as large. Count me in!
Will you tell Chris that our next Practice is August 16th at 5:30 at Civitan!
Perhaps a conversation with one of the board members of the Martindale Neighborhood Pool board might the first step in information gathering. I've attached their 2010, 2 page pdf file (general info) and their liability form for those interested in reviewing materials. This years 2010 co-presidents is JoDee Dotson at 926-9808 or the other co-president Karen Garland at 929-3978.
What wonderful ideas, plus concrete suggestions on how to begin gathering information, considering resources, and making a plan. Virginia, sounds like you know of specific ways to gather info. How does it work with SNO? Can't a person research and then bring info to board? I would also think a survey of everyone would be one of the first steps. I'm for it!
I'd love to help - I've been known to write a grant or two...
Sarah and Lauri:
Why don't we meet over coffee and get our ideas together? I could put an interest story in the Feb/Mar newsletter and use that as a tool to assessing neighbor interest.
email me at




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