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Two things

1st an FYI for my neighbors. My property (302 Pine) backs up to the in residence rehab center. twice now I have found full sets of clothing (male) abandoned in the grassy area between my hedge and the rehab centers fence. The center has assured me their residence are secured and not able to do this.


2nd the alleyway running along my property is used as a short cut by people avoiding driving through the neighbor hood. My biggest concern is the speed in which they drive through. I have a young child and so does the neighbor next to me.


I have addressed both issues with the plasma center, the rehab center and the bordering neighbors. A report was also filed with Law Enforcement.


I would like to have the city install speed bumps along this ally way to slow the traffic, any suggestions on this process would be appreciated.



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First off, I want to wish you luck in your endevour. It is a lengthy complicated process. I myself took on that project for the 700 block of Pine St. and failed.

First you must contact the traffic division at the city. The young mans name escapes me now but a phone call will get you to the right place.

Then you must get every single neighbor on your block to sign yes or no.

The city will then come out, do lots of "ciphering" and determine from this, where the speed bumps will be placed. Then if the placement of that bump is near a neighbor who is against it, then you lose the speed bumps.

This process may be different for the alleys and may not need neighbor input.

It is sad to say but speeding on the Tree streets has been a long time problem and not a high priority for the city.

Lisa Orr
I'll keep trying
Thanks for posting. I've taught my son, age 5, to "check" the alleys but it's hard to enforce the same level of vigilance as with streets. He's good about slowing down but if cars in the alley aren't driving equally slow then that might not be enough! Keep up the posts about your progress with this.

We were successful in getting speed bumps on the 500 Block of West Locust due to the high concentration of kids on our block and our proximity to Southside Elementary School. Lori VanDyke (500 West Locust) spearheaded our effort. Shee spoke to the city and picked up a form that we had every property owner on the block sign. We then took it before SNO and finally had it approved by the city. After everything was approved (about a 6 month process), it took another 6 months before the speed bumps were installed. There are still people that speed down our block, but there are far fewer than there were.

The primary objection to installing the speed bumps was access by fire trucks and emergency vehicles, but alley access by these vehicles would seem to be less of an issue.

Good Luck!




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