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We are seeking to find the right family and home for “Icky” the dog. He was living with a woman and her son who were struggling to provide for him and we said we would help foster him until finding him a permanent home.

We do not know his exact age but can tell that he is just starting to leave the puppy stage and enter into the young dog stage of his life…so, in other words, he is still a puppy somewhere between the age of 7 months and 1 year. He weighs approximately 7 or 8 pounds and is in fine health… he is not neutered and does need a bit of training still regarding proper etiquette and manners while on walks and a small tiny bit of reassurance with potty training. He is very close to being fully potty trained… All he needs is access to outside and that’s where he goes. He is one of the best fetchers that I have ever seen and he loves to play tag. He likes to chew on rawhides or other treats and enjoys spending some time in a crate. There is no rehoming fee or cost to adopt him. However, adopting him does depend on having the right situation for him as well as the desire to give a great pup a chance at a loving home and family and as good a life as possible. For the right people or person, he will also be sent with his collar and leash and toys… If you know anyone who might be interested in Icky, please call Annie at 423-943-8570 or Bella at 423-946-0325. Thank you

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