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Hey neighbors! I'm excited to say that a wonderful couple has asked to look at my house on West Locust Street again this weekend. They would love our neighborhood as they have two children ages 5 and 7 with twins on the way!!! They have a home-based business and wish to keep chickens! Won't they fit in perfectly with the neighborhood? I'm asking if anyone is willing to go by the house during their showing and talk to them about how much you love living on the Tree Streets. Talk about all of the activities we do as a neighborhood over the whole other words...sell them on not just the house but the whole experience! I'm too far away or I would drive home and do it myself. If I get any takers on here..I will post the time of the showing so those who can, will drop by the house! Thanks in advance! Please know that Chris, Cooper and I miss you all and our TN home.

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Christy if I am around I would be glad to go over and give them a pep talk.  Betty Ann Polaha  Call me

christy, i have the house behind u on sevier if by chance the app is in the morning or early afternoon i could be around.  Let me know. showing as of now! 

Thanks so much for the offers of help....the realtor hasnt been able to schedule the showing....if that changes I will let you all know. :-(




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