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We need your help!



Color: Black / Dk Brown

Breed: Mix Yorky-Schnauzer

Weight: 10 lbs

Size: Approximately the same as a cat


Our dog, Rezzie, is wandering somewhere in the neighborhood. We hope that someone has picked her up and are just wondering who she belongs to.


She got out of our yard without a collar, so without your help she'll have a hard time getting home. Rezzie left our yard (510 West Locust) between 11am and 12 noon on Saturday, April 30th. We've desperately searched every street and alley in the TreeStreets all afternoon and evening. Lost Dog posters are on many telephone poles and now we're posting here.


If you've seen her or know where might be please contact us at 423-943-8814.



Neil Owen

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Thanks for everybody's help on this. We found her! She's home safe and sound!!!




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