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I've seen listings in the SNO newsletter of persons that others recommend for home repairs.  Would like to see such a comprehensive list as a feature on this site.


In the meantime, I have concrete steps that need repair.  A small, but important job.  Does anyone have names and numbers of local people who offer good work of this kind?




Phil Leonard

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Are you resurfacing or rebuilding?  We had our concrete steps resurfaced 3 years ago and they are holding up well and look great.

Hi Barb,  Thanks for your reply.  I'm hoping to be able to get away with just resurfacing of the steps.  I'll be interested in knowing who did your work for you.  Thanks again.



Phil, Sorry to take so long to look up my paperwork.  Pete Perry from Elizabethton did our steps.  He patched and resurfaced them and they were in bad shape.  He and his brother also did some amazing plaster wall repair and several ceilings where we had the house rewired and the contractors trashed our ceilings.  His number is 423-833-5717.  Email me if you cannot get in touch with him.  He and his brother do excellent work.
Thanks so much for this info Barb.  Will give Mr. Perry a call this week.  I appreciate the information.
Hi Phil.  I compiled the list that was in the Newsletter.  It has the names of the workmen, as well as who recommends them, and their phone number.  I will drop it on your porch today.  We did not have a concrete worker, but I do know one. we will do a new list this fall.  Do you get the newsletter?
Hi Wanda.  I do get the newsletter and I keep my copies on file.  But I would appreciate a copy of the workmen list.   Very kind of you.

I don't think I saw the latest newsletter that had the list so I'm not sure if he's on it, but Corby Rowenhurst does an excellent job, and he is very reasonable and honest. He's the go-to guy for the whole family! He does small jobs and big ones.


His number is 423-948-9836

Thanks for the recommendation Jennifer.  I appreciate your taking the time to share this information.



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