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I have been in the neighborhood a year now and I just got a notice from my homeowners insurance that they were cancelling my policy because I live in a historic house.  I am at 710 W. Maple and the house is in good condition and the same period as I would imagine most of the houses in the neighborhood (1930's).  There is nothing particularly special about the house but the underwriter apparently has issues with the "Tree Streets Historic District" Plaque on my front porch.  It seems like i will be able to work this out with the insurance agent, I just need to clarify some issues.


What (if any) are the restrictions placed on the property particlulary in the case where the structure would have to be replaced (which is the underwriter's concern)?


Are there published guidelines or rules for the Tree Streets Historic District?


Many thanks for your input 

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If the underwriter has a problem with it go to another agency. If you ever do have to use your homeowners policy, in the future, you certainly do not want for there to be a problem with getting paid in full.

Wendy Bailey in Planning and Zoning for the City of Johnson City can give you all of the requirements for the Historic Overlay. You can reach her at: 423-434-6073or e-mail at

In a nutshell everything on the exterior of the home from structural appearance to materials has to be approved by the historic zoning board for any new construction that requires a permit. Nothing existing that has to be repaired or maintained that doesn't require a permit falls into their domain. The historic zoning board is very easy to work with. They are primarily concerned with preserving an overall look to the neighborhood and keeping any more apartment or multi-rental properties out of the district.

If you need more info e-mail me at

You have a great home in a great neighborhood.

The "Design Guidelines" under the SNO tab was exactly what I was looking for. It was just hiding right under my nose.

I think that I have gotten everything worked out with insurance agent at this point. It is a reputable insurance agency just with a new underwriter that is unfamiliar with the area. Hopefully I won't have issues if I ever have to make a claim.

Thanks for the input!
This is good news...



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