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Here is  a new one on me. Someone has been taking gutter downspouts off of houses and garages. We had a downspout taken off our garage one night last week, and I found one of the approximate size  in the yard of the house next door (no it wasn't the wind, it went over a fence and a hedge), but it wouldn't fit. Then I found out my neighbors 2 doors down had two taken, and left in the tree across the street from them.  The one I found in my neighbors yard, could have been theirs, but when I found it, I sat it up against my garage, and that night they took it with them.  Maybe we could hot wire them??????

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Today I saw a police car outside a house and although I couldn't hear the conversation the owner seems to be gesturing about the outside of his house. After I read your story I remembered seeing a gutter or downspout laying on his front lawn. Could it be they struck again?
It happened again! 4 houses in the 500 block of Locust had their gutters ripped off week before last. We reported it to the police, but were told that the damage was too minimal for a report. I was very disappointed that police would not even take a report--especially now that I know that this is a pattern of vandalism!
The policeman who came to my house and the Johnsons was very nice, and helpful. You can call Terry Hardin , who is the police liaison and comes to all of our SNO meetings, or even call and ask to speak to the Chief of POlice. He has been to our meeting a lot also. he told us if we ever have a problem with an officer not doing like we thought they should, take their badge number and call him to report it.He told us to report everything, regardless of how small, that is the way they decide which areas need more surveillance



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