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Please help our / your homless vets
The CSI Transitional House is projected to open mid March.

We need at least 10 twin beds, towels, linens, and kitchen supplies. We have some furniture donated but more is needed.

Desperately need your help to see that we open on time! Search your house and ask everyone you know to search their homes for anything they can donate.

Thank you for your time and your desire to help us help our veterans!


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I will be trying to do some spring cleaning soon and will be more than happy to help...

 let me know how the wish list is coming and I will see what I can do.


We (board members and officers) are working that now with a registry @ wallmart. Will take quite a bit to stock it from scratch.

Thanks again!!!

Want to help homeless Veterans, here is how. Please support our mission of “No Homeless Vets” By supporting our transitional house
Les Nelson
Executive Board Member
Citizens Soldiers Inc. - Gift Registry - Always Low Prices!
Some items may be purchased online or bought in store and either shipped brought to us. Thanks so much. To find our wish list First name is Citizens Last name is Soldiers




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