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Excellent Landscape/Grading Contractor - Williams Lawn Care

We had a tree removed from our back yard last year, but even though the stump was ground, it and its roots prevented us from doing anything with our back yard. Additionally, we have water drainage issues due to the land rise so close to the house.

Chris Williams, owner of Williams Lawn Care, came out and gave us a fair estimate to remove the remaining stump (and roots!) and grade 2/3 of our back yard level (away from the house). Chris is a real pleasure to deal with, his follow through and work quality are top notch, and his care for both our property and our vision were outstanding. His Google reviews also match our experience.

We now have a fabulous space we can design an outdoor living area for, better water management due to the leveling, and a re-graveled drive in the back. We couldn't be more pleased and recommend him without reservation. 

Companies like that stay busy, and he's a small shop - but if you're planning a project, I encourage you to give him a call. Looks like he does everything from lawn care to snow removal to excavation and grading to sod laying and beyond. Let me know if you want to see pictures or know more.

Williams Lawn Care


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Thanks for the review Jeff. He's on "Wanda's List" now.




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