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Johnson City, Tennessee • Southside Neighborhood Organization

At the moment of your first breath, the heavens gifted you with a specific astrological imprint that influences all aspects of your life. Truly a gift, if understood properly, this imprint - depicted in your natal astrological chart - is an individualized map to guide your own psycho-spiritual journey. In these classes you will use sacred chanting and the images of Tarot and the Qabalistic Tree of Life to unpack the gifts of your own natal chart.
No previous experience with Qabalah, Tarot or Astrology is necessary. All who seek are welcome.

2nd Saturdays 10:30-12 noon.
Text: Paul Foster Case: The Book of Tokens (available at Samadhi Healing Arts Center)

Feb. 8: Introduction: Print out your birth chart from (free) and bring to class
March 14: Aries and the First House. Read pp.50-61
April 5: Taurus and the Second House. Read pp.64-71
May 9: Gemini and the Third House. Read pp.74-80

Price $20/month
*contact the facilitator confidentially if you are committed to this Work but the price poses a significant financial hardship on you.

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