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the USDA defines a cooperative as "a user-owned and democratically controlled business in which benefits are received in proportion to us".


i've been interested in a co-op near the tree streets for a while, but haven't put forth the efforts needed to make it happen. i have literature from the USDA with references and four case studies. if several people put forth a small effort, the co-op could happen! my vision is a building to house the co-op with a "community room" that members can use for classes, meetings, parties etc. a community library within the room would be great too! there are a few different models suggested in the literature that would be used to qualify the group as a cooperative. i will request more copies of the literature this week. i will also look for resources on net to add to this discussion in place of hard copies.


if you are interested in attending an organizational meeting, let me know. when several people take interest, we'll go for it! the meeting would address the need for a board of directors. once we have a board, planning can advance.


please offer feedback and ideas on this discussion so that we can plan a meeting!

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Where I used to live, there was a vegetarian Co-Op. It was always hoppin with people and very lively (lots of local food and natural products).

I read about your desire to have a Co-Op grocery store in the Trees in the purple pamphlet left on my door step. I think its a great idea!
What kind of items would be there? And, how is a co-op different than say the farmers market?



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