Hello Tree Streets Sellers!
I am the coordinator of a Johnson City based American Heritage Girls Scout Troop that meets at Boone’s Creek Christian Church and I have a HUGE favor to ask you!
Would you consider saving any shoes that do not sell during your 9/9/17 sale for us to pick up (rather than donating them with other remaining items)?
As a fundraiser, our troop has partnered with Funds2orgs, an organization that helps people in developing nations start microenterprises to support their families. Funds2orgs trains individuals to repair, clean, and sell used shoes. People in the surrounding communities are then given access to affordable shoes, and we raise money to support our badge work and field trips. 
If you suspect you’ll have leftover shoes and are interested in helping us meet our fundraising goals just contact me or Vicki Johnson (details below) and we will arrange to meet you for pick-up.
Thank you!
- Lenore  
Lenore Colhoun
Troop Coordinator
AGH Troop TN5624
Vicki Johnson
Vice Coordinator
AHG Troop TN5624

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