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Any chance that Music in the Park will be reinstated?

Any chance that Music in the Park will be reinstated? Our family really misses it.

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Sorry , Amber that date for the Music in the Park Memorial for its founder Lee Jondahl is august 7:, from 3 to 5.  If there is enough interest, we will definatley have it next year.  Thanks for asking.
Just to let everyone know- the August 7 event is open to everyone whether you knew Lee Jondahl or not.  Music in the Park was one of his favorite events in the neighborhood and you would always find him sitting up front.  Lee and his wife, Mary Lee, liked to go to different venues listening to new groups and getting them signed up to play Music in the Park.  The two bands playing for this event were two of his favorites.  So please bring some chairs or a blanket and enjoy the music.  Maybe we can get some people up and dancing!

I hope to see Music in the Park reinstated next year as well. Maybe even for this fall? I'm willing to help out!


Laura:  Have you seen the announcement of Music in the Park on Sunday, Sept.11th?????


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